STYLISH, EXCLUSIVE AND UNFORGETTABLE. 3 Steps to create impeccable wedding invitations!

By Maria Michela Olmi Mattei

  •  Choose the Design 

Your wedding invitation (called “partecipazioni” in the Italian tradition) is the very first visual representation of your Big Day.  This card is actually much more than just a cute detail; it is the first signature style element of your wedding.  Your invitation is your ambassador, and you can tell a lot about the mood of your wedding from your invitation; from the chosen font, to the color palette up to the “tone of voice” of the overall event. What is the inspiration behind your dreamy day? boho-chic, classical or opulent? Once you have found your desired atmosphere, remember to be coherent in every aspect of your wedding, event the smaller details, because coherence is truly the core-element of style.

We recommend using experienced companies, specialized in the old noble art of papermaking and stationery to take care of the graphics and printing, like the Italian Pineider, since 1774 leader of bespoke papers, printed letters and customized cards

Classic Invitations by Pineider
  • Do it yourself!

According to the Accademia Italiana di Galateo – a valuable Academy I had the pleasure to attend to learn about the Italian ancient art of Etiquette and good manners, the couple should hand-write all the invitation cards envelops, spending time together to carefully write the names and addresses of their beloved guests and relatives. Following this nice etiquette rule, the couple should opt for a professional calligrapher only if both spouses have a pretty illegible handwriting, otherwise consider that what really makes the difference is the time you spent to personally write guests’ names and addresses.  Extra tip: Always use a Fountain Pen instead of the average Ballpoint Pen. The ink should be black or dark blue. I recommend to use a signature Montblanc ( in the picture a limited edition Princess Grace collection)

  • Add your special touch

A last final secret and special tip for you, beautiful brides.  Before sealing the envelope, add a touch of your signature perfume all over the invitation, in order to add an extra sophisticated final touch to you wedding invitation. Your card will be curated in every aspect and apologetically unique. 

My personal choice? Annick Goutal, Rose Pompon

Enjoy! And Thanks for reading!